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“declare an academic crisis…change the definition of a failing school”

A Perfect Storm: The Takeover of New Orleans Public Schools Part One 17 Days in November from N.O. Education Equity Roundtable on Vimeo.

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The Retracted Cowen Institute Report

Not gone and not forgotten thanks to deutsch29: PDF here [and below]. BTW, the Cowen Institute has been cooking its numbers from the beginning. And read Louisiana Educator’s post “Louisiana Recovery District: Still Failing” on the failures the report and the Cowen … Continue reading

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The Mixed Public Perceptions of The Experiment

The full report is here [PDF] and not very long…. The first finding is pretty easy—even if you are dogmatically opposed to the privatization of public schools, if the choice is between a “failing” operator and a new one, you’d … Continue reading

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Who IS Rayne Martin?: Designer of COMPASS, Director of “Stand” “for Children”

See Who IS Rayne Martin?, 5/24/2010. Story #3: If you wonder why the COMPASS has been so poorly implemented, let me give you some background. You already knew about Ms. Molly Hortsman, the three year TFA’er who was put in … Continue reading

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Looks Like Pastorek Has Found His Man

New York City schools official picked to head Recovery School District in New Orleans [Scott] Stringer, Manhattan’s borough president, gives [John] White glowing marks for the way he’s managed to navigate what he calls a “schism” in New York over the … Continue reading

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Who IS Rayne Martin?

Rayne Martin is Chief of Staff of the Recovery School District here in NO. I think she is. This painful April 20, 2010, T-P story lists Siona LaFrance as RSD Chief of Staff. In this March 2010 article at 2theadvocate.com, … Continue reading

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IHS? Amato? Shit Hitting the Fan?

I guess I’m naive to think it’s fishy for a Chief Administrative Officer of the RSD to be on the board of a charter school. I know the heart of the controversy is the presence of Anthony Amato. One, I … Continue reading

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Firstline + Dibert? Meeting Wednesday!

There’s been controversy over the plan to transfer management of Craig Elementary School to FirstLine Schools. Now FirstLine is set to manage Dibert Elementary School, currently a RSD-run school which will become a charter in the 2010-2011 school year. The … Continue reading

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Who IS Michael Haggen?

Michael Haggen is the current Deputy Superintendent: School Management in the Recovery School District. He’s head of the Office of School Management. This office manages alternative schools: Several Schwarz staff members offered a starkly different view. Officials within and without … Continue reading

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Naw, Really? Now What?

Folks, locals and others, have been shouting this since the schools reopened but now the Times-Picayune has discovered…wait…TA-DAH!—“Special needs students aren’t in charters” [Times-Picayune print edition, 2-1-2010]/”Equal treatment for special-needs students in short supply at New Orleans public schools” [nola.com, … Continue reading

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