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“the fictitious epidemic” and “this production line mentality”

Uploaded: Oct 14, 2010 I was always wary of medicating The Girl Teen so she’d sit and finish worksheets faster [or at all]. And I have respectable reservations about high-stakes standardized testing and the corporate structure that comes with it … Continue reading

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The Mixed Public Perceptions of The Experiment

The full report is here [PDF] and not very long…. The first finding is pretty easy—even if you are dogmatically opposed to the privatization of public schools, if the choice is between a “failing” operator and a new one, you’d … Continue reading

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Cheating Is Not “Rare” and Is Not “just a few bad apples”

The [Washington, DC] Office of the State Superintendent released results Friday from its annual audit of standardized testing in the city. It says “critical violations” of testing integrity were found at seven public schools and four charter schools. Test results … Continue reading

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When People Who Have No Idea What Goes on in a Classroom Decide What Will Happen in the Classroom

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Voucher Stumble

CenLamar: Jindal’s Scheme to Defund Public Schools In Order to Enrich Religious Schools Ruled Unconstitutional Less than 24 hours later, Kelley ruled that Jindal’s voucher program is unconstitutional. Period. I’ve read some commentary that suggests vouchers weren’t “unconstitutional,” only the way … Continue reading

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“Charter Schools and the Values of Public Education”—Excerpts

The belief was that creative educators, freed from myriad rules and regulations, would try new things that, if successful, would influence the entire system (3). Charter schools also have a special obligation: to lead in demonstrating innovations in instruction, organization, … Continue reading

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From the Sunday T-P

Greg Richmond, president of the National Association of Charter School Authorizers, a group that has vetted charter school applications for Louisiana, said fewer than 1 percent of the 4,000 charter schools in the country have some kind of selective testing … Continue reading

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The Ass Gets Bitten

After the Orleans Parish School System fired/laid off all teachers last year, the new state-run Recovery School District now needs to hire about 500 in the next 6 weeks. Not a single teacher has yet been hired for any of … Continue reading

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