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From “zero-tolerance” to “restorative justice”

Dana Goldstein. A Fascinating Way to Put a Stop to the School-to-Prison Pipeline for Black Children. AlterNet, 4/7/14. Destiny was in eighth grade when, in the middle of an altercation with another student, she grabbed a teacher’s jacket and threw … Continue reading

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Money Does Not Make One Smart

Or an expert. I know that’s hard for some Americans to believe. Or, rather, feel because the equating of material wealth with spiritual, moral and other types of worthiness is not a thought but a gut feeling/mass delusion. In Waiting for Superman, Bill … Continue reading

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What Makes KIPP Work?: Notes and Quotes from the March 2011 Report

What Makes KIPP Work? A Study of Student Characteristics, Attrition, and School Finance by Gary Miron, Jessica L Urschel, and Nicholas Saxton, College of Education and Human Development, Western Michigan University, March 2011. PDF [39 p.] or at Scribd. The … Continue reading

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Colton: Links, Pics

Times-Picayune/nola.com, Artist colony at Colton school to disband; Matt Damon to help relocate rooftop garden, June 10, 2009. T-P/nola.com, KIPP charter school’s tentative hold on Colton school site is challenged, January 18, 2011. And see the comments on this post, January 19, 2011. Opinion article from … Continue reading

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UNO + SUNO = UNO; Colton Phase 2?

UNO-SUNO merger suggestion is expected to touch off heated debate On paper, merging SUNO with UNO makes sense and there is an argument that could be made that it is well past time to put a segregation-era dual system to … Continue reading

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