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Separate and Unequal

Some parents can afford the $900+ for a SAT or ACT “prep” course. Our students have an average score increase of 250 points on the SAT and an average increase of 20 percentile points on the ACT….The course fee is … Continue reading

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The Mixed Public Perceptions of The Experiment

The full report is here [PDF] and not very long…. The first finding is pretty easy—even if you are dogmatically opposed to the privatization of public schools, if the choice is between a “failing” operator and a new one, you’d … Continue reading

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Voucher Stumble

CenLamar: Jindal’s Scheme to Defund Public Schools In Order to Enrich Religious Schools Ruled Unconstitutional Less than 24 hours later, Kelley ruled that Jindal’s voucher program is unconstitutional. Period. I’ve read some commentary that suggests vouchers weren’t “unconstitutional,” only the way … Continue reading

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Choice, Choice, Choice and Choice: 2

Another concern in the reshuffling and unshuffling of schools post-Floods is special education. When schools can pick and choose their students and are judged on test scores and attendance, why not limit the number of students who need the most … Continue reading

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Education Is Not a “Business”

The more time you spend in school, the more you see the influence of business practices. … The corporate bible Good to Great sits on the bookshelf of nearly every principal, and a lot of Stephen Covey gets quoted at … Continue reading

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Stumble, Trip, Fall, Quit

When I was teaching, I thought that many of my students’ ideas about and impressions of teachers came from childhood and had that veneer of invisibility parenting has when you’re on the receiving end–clean clothes appear in drawers, cooked food … Continue reading

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A G Bitch Education

I was “lucky” enough, much of my life, to go to school with rich/privileged kids, mostly white kids, in magnet schools and a just-a-block-from-the-Ivy-League college. It wasn’t given to me. I was no charity case or bottom of the bell … Continue reading

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