Repeat: Chronic Pain ≠ Opiate/”Drug” Addiction

Every fucking day. Every fucking day 1-100 sources, individuals, reports tell me and others like me with chronic conditions that come with daily, unrelenting pain that we, the pain sufferers, are The Reason young [and not-so-young, but let’s be honest—only “the young” elicit enough fear and concern] people die from opiate overdoses, that if “doctors” didn’t prescribe opiates to “chronic pain patients” there would be no opiate addiction or overdose deaths anywhere on planet Earth.

The people who fall for that I am tired of being polite and not calling what they are—motherfucking idiots.

Think about it—does it make sense that a woman with rheumatoid arthritis who gets an Oxycodone prescription so that she can reduce her pain enough to work part-time and care for her 2 kids and be a wife, sometimes, to her husband in Maine is the reason “Billy” in Nevada [I made up the state so shut the fuck up] chewed an Oxy and died? Explain that to me. I mean it. Explain that.

I never met Billy, but I knew plenty like him.  There is something we like, even admire, about thrill seekers, and Billy was no exception. All of his endeavors were greeted with accolades from those around him, whether he was getting or giving a head injury on the football field, breaking bones BMX bike racing, or whatever else he chose to do.  His parents were so proud.  The accolades were an elixir, one he longed for, no matter the setting.  He was addicted to them.  He was never one to back down from a challenge.  One day, his friend challenged him with some oxy’s [sic]….He took it.  80 mg.  Chewed it for the better high.  In short order, he was dead.  Technically it was not suicide, but you can only challenge your mortality so long before you lose, and such behavior is suicidal…

It is customary to embellish those we lose.  Billy suddenly became a wonderful person, a role model, someone to emulate.  Awards were created in his name.  The community came together to mourn his loss.  His suddenly over-inflated image left no room for fault.  Someone was to blame for his demise, and it surely could not be him.  Doctors who prescribe pain medication and pain patients who can’t deal [sic] their pain took the fall.

Billy’s parents took to the legislature to exact vengeance….There are few things more motivating than a grieving mother’s wailing, and the legislators were not immune.  Soon, laws were being enacted in a vain attempt to “stop the carnage.” …Soon, laws were passed.  Addicts still died.  Those in pain struggled to find someone with the courage to defy those laws and care…and they died too, but their cries went unheard.

Tale of Two Suicides; Lessons for Opioid Public Policy. David J. Nagel, MD. National Pain Report. 11/23/2015.

Read the whole sad thing before you say one fucking word to me about what you think you might be saying about “opiates” and “addiction.” Then look up the difference between use, abuse, dependence and addiction. They are different words because they are actually different.

FYI: I do not get opiates for my chronic, occasionally debilitating pain. No. I don’t. I am lucky that I get to suffer.

Today is day 2515 of my daily, unremitting chronic pain. I make it look good because I have too many people I love to kill myself.


image: “Deliberation” by Mario S. Nevado

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