#*@*%^#*@*%^!!: Schools Edition: The Application

This is The Application:

Not an all-in-one application but one form you can use to apply to “most” RSD, OPSB and various charter schools. Unless the school you want to apply to has a different idea about the form, process and deadlines and you make the right decision (as pointed out by Jeffrey and many others):

More than 33,000 children attend 79 New Orleans public schools, a mix of charter and traditional campuses. Officials characterize the common application process as a way to give parents more choice and access to schools, providing that parents are familiar with the choices.

The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education passed a resolution that charter and noncharter schools in the Recovery District take part in the common application process. BESE also approved the original timeline but did not establish consequences for noncompliance.

Most of the 26 charter schools in the Recovery District, 33 traditional district-operated schools and five schools run by the Orleans Parish School Board signed onto the common application process. The dozen charters overseen by the School Board indicated they would take part next year if the deadlines were timelier. [emphasis added]

So it is as easy as they say it is!

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One Response to #*@*%^#*@*%^!!: Schools Edition: The Application

  1. Bardiac says:

    Ugh, having to do separate forms for how many schools? Seems onerous, doesn’t it?

    Good luck with getting your first choice.

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