Ben Franklin HS Alums, Parents, Students, Staff—Support the Union Vote!

The Board of Directors of Advocates for Academic Excellence, Inc. (“AAEE”) will hold a public hearing on Thursday, May 8, 2014, at six o’clock (6:00) p.m. in the Benjamin Franklin High School auditorium. The hearing is for the purpose of receiving comments, in advance of a board vote currently scheduled for May 15, 2014, on the request that AAEE voluntarily recognize the United Teachers of New Orleans, Local 527, LFT, AFT, AFL-CIO (“UTNO”) as exclusive bargaining representative for the purpose of establishing wages, salaries, hours and other conditions of employment for all full-time and part-time professional instructional and student service employees employed by AAEE at Benjamin Franklin High School, including, but not limited to the following job classifications: teachers, guidance counselors, college/academic counselors, school nurses, social workers, librarians, and excluding all confidential, supervisory and managerial employees. All interested parties are invited to attend such public hearing to express their views. Questions or requests for additional information may be directed to Board President Duris Holmes,, (504) 593-0659. Any interested persons unable to attend the hearing may submit their views in writing to Mr. Holmes prior to the date scheduled for the hearing. [emphasis added]

Ben Franklin High School
2001 Leon C Simon Dr, New Orleans, LA 70122

Ben Franklin board to hold public hearing on faculty union Thursday:

Decision near at Ben Franklin on whether to accept petition for faculty union: The Lens

Ben Franklin board to vote on faculty union Thursday:

Why Teacher Unions Are Good for Teachers—and the Public: They Protect Teachers’ Rights, Support Teacher Professionalism, and Check Administrative Power—Diane Ravitch at



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