Mama D Does Not Speak for Me

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Now Mama D in @LeeZurik live shot – “Now your job is to oppress black folk?” @FOX8NOLA

And she never did.

Nagin guilty in corruption trial [Gambit; a few paragraphs]

Live coverage: Ray Nagin convicted, guilty on 20 charges [ live feed]

If you watched the live news reports from the federal court building after the sentencing, you probably heard Mama D yell “shit” and harass both the WWL and WDSU reporters. Why? How is this her loss? Nagin lied. Cheated. Essentially stole so he and his family would profit while Home Depot workers got shitty wages. It is a shame that he dragged his wife and kids through all this but they got their part of the largess so, no, I feel no sympathy. They had their money, their chances, their status. And they did what with it? Exactly.

I didn’t trust Nagin the first time he ran and I loathed him the second time, manipulating traumatized, and sometimes poorly educated, people to vote for him because his skin color made him our ally. Bullshit.

I hope he gets 20 years. He had his fun. Fuck him. Good motherfucking riddance.

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2 Responses to Mama D Does Not Speak for Me

  1. Clay says:

    Mama D doesn’t even speak for Mama D. She used to complain Ray Nagin was Ray Reagan. She’s off her rocker and could use a trip to Mandeville.

    • G Bitch says:

      Did you hear Angela Hill and Clancy DuBos on WWL radio whinging about Nagin’s “promise” and how “we” are now “so disappointed.” ROFLMBAO! I never truly fathomed why [some] white folks in NO and the metro area loved him so much the first time around. He always turned my stomach.

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