Bit(ch): 7

While doctors and the FDA fret about overdoses and addiction, my sad, chronic pain truth today is that one Lortab, 1, kept me from actually [not just thinking about] killing myself this morning.

About G Bitch

A mad black woman in New Orleans.
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3 Responses to Bit(ch): 7

  1. Ann says:

    Wow. It’s good you’re still alive. I love your blog. I thought your starter bibliography was very extensive. You know what matters. I’m sick of watching the destruction of kids & my profession. Love the Malcolm Xmas too! I know you don’t read comments, you say. Just know that someone in NYC is a religious reader of you. I also enjoyed the article by the guy who took all the pics of the abandoned public schools. Such beauty. Art Deco & really nice architecture. Impressive. I need to see NOLA.

    • G Bitch says:

      I always read your comments, Ann. Thanks. And how’ve you been?

      I read comments. I just don’t always approve them.

      It’s hard to be a witness to so much destruction. Avoidable destruction. And the same forces are eroding every single thing they can touch.

      Still, NOLA is something to see. And should be seen. Must, must be seen and felt and tasted. You can’t get it otherwise.

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