Who IS Rayne Martin?: Designer of COMPASS, Director of “Stand” “for Children”

See Who IS Rayne Martin?, 5/24/2010.

Story #3: If you wonder why the COMPASS has been so poorly implemented, let me give you some background. You already knew about Ms. Molly Hortsman, the three year TFA’er who was put in charge of the training of principals in the use of the COMPASS last year. Ms Hortsman insulted a room full of highly competent administrators by fussing at them for not paying close attention to her amateur instructors. But before all that, did you know that the designer of COMPASS for Louisiana was…Rayne Martin who had no training in education whatsoever, who had never served as a teacher for even one day, and who had never served as a principal. She was hired with no knowledge of education, to create and implement the instrument that would be used by thousands of highly qualified and experienced educators in Louisiana. No wonder Charlotte Danielson, who developed the program upon which COMPASS is based denounced the whole Louisiana evaluation system in a story carried by the Monore News Star. Rayne Martin is now the director of Stand for Children Louisiana, an “[astro] turf” group that is really funded and controlled by billionaires outside of Louisiana associated with Michael Bloomberg; you know, the guy who bought our new BESE board.

Deshotels, Michael. Big Victories for the Real Educators of Louisiana! Louisiana Educator (blog). 4/25/2013.

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