“it is fatal to the trajectory of one’s work”

If Faye [Dunaway] made a mistake in her career, it is that she gave a shit what people said or thought of her, but that is easy for me to say: I’m a man, and, sue me for this, but I think it is easier for a man to flip someone off and to tell them to get off than it is for a woman. No matter how fierce Faye has been in seeking the truth of her work, and virtually destroying herself to convey this truth, she is also terribly sensitive to how she is perceived and how she may have treated those around her.

This is admirable and it endears her to me, but it is fatal to the trajectory of one’s work.

I am not implying that an artist is allowed to be rude or required to be, but I do think they should have a way cleared before them as they do their work, and I also think they do not owe us an explanation of how they do their work or live their lives.

Faye always felt she had to explain her rigorous standards, and this is all I will quibble with insofar as she is concerned.

Elia Kazan on Faye Dunaway: God And Will. Follies Of God by James Grissom: Selected material from the journals compiled during the writing and editing of Follies Of God, 1990-2010 [weblog].

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