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CenLamar: Jindal’s Scheme to Defund Public Schools In Order to Enrich Religious Schools Ruled Unconstitutional

Less than 24 hours later, Kelley ruled that Jindal’s voucher program is unconstitutional. Period. I’ve read some commentary that suggests vouchers weren’t “unconstitutional,” only the way vouchers were funded. Sorry guys, same difference. This program was ruled unconstitutional, and no amount of rhetorical nitpicking works.

I was completely wrong about Judge Tim Kelley. His opinion was cogent, on-point, and objective. “It’s an incredible first step,” writes education activist Zack Kopplin, “Judge Kelley deserves praise and I hope the Supreme Court makes the right decision.”

That is true, but remember, this was just Round One.

nola.com: Jindal voucher overhaul unconstitutionally diverts public funds to private schools, judge rules

And what does Gov. Jindal say, in his intense disappointment?

“The opinion sadly ignores the rights of families who do not have the means necessary to escape failing schools.”

Instead, Governor, you choose to ignore “the…families who do not have the means” by taking tax dollars paid by those families regardless of actual income out of the public schools in their neighborhoods to make which schools “better”?

Around 8:30 AM, the nola.com poll results surprised the shit out of me:

I guess it’s early.

This has probably been down since the voucher schools kerfuffle and horrid national press but when you click on “2012-2013 Participating Schools and Available Seats (Map by Parish)” at the LDOE website, you get an Error 404 page.


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4 Responses to Voucher Stumble

  1. lee barrios says:

    I am not as positive about Kelly’s position. He is if the hook and the chance to appeal Will see the program thru the year while the legislature decides whether it not they Will represent the people it the Governor.

    • G Bitch says:

      I’m optimistic in that MFP funds won’t be diverted to private religious schools with no academic accountability or sham accountability. If Jindal et al want public money funneled to private religious schools, they’ll have to try another tactic. I think Jindal and White are posturing, and do not see—but I’m no lawyer—how an appeal judge would rule MFP funds can be diverted. I totally understand the pessimism but I’m uncharacteristically hopeful. [Not that I haven’t been before……]

  2. geauxteacher says:

    The original voucher program for New Orleans RSD only was paid for by special state allocation. I guess they will try getting that through the legislature this time but I don’t think taxpayers will support it. Who knows. I think White will be gone by then.

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