Chicago Teachers on Strike

Teacher Strike Is Latest Sign of Unions on the Defensive., 9/11/12.

Teachers, who are largely women, especially in PK-8, are the only professionals [yes, teachers ARE professionals] who are expected to not need or want benefits, job security or a living wage. To attack teachers in the name of “The Children” is specious, ridiculous and believed by far too many. YOU spend a 9-hour day with scores of children not your own, trying to improve their minds while every other social force is lined up against you and with atom bombs of doublespeak, and then tell me some shit about “teachers.”

Like other professionals, teachers have education and training. If that education and training is insufficient or plain deficient, that is not the fault of teachers but of a society that devalues children, women, learning, and critical thinking.

Thanks, Rahm.

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