“felt left out”!?!

Vanacore, A. (2012, Aug 24). L.B. Landry High School alumni taking state to court over merger plans. The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune.

It’s a case that could provide the first test of a relatively new law that requires community input on any changes in the way state-controlled schools are governed….The law came about in response to complaints from community groups that felt left out of the decision-making process as state officials began turning over most of the city’s public schools to independent charter operators. [emphasis added]

“[F]elt left out”? Like the community was a sullen preschooler in a corner of the play yard screaming “It’s not fair!” because no one invited her to play tag? Like it’s just personal offense, a feeling [not thought or fact or evidence] of being slighted, rather than what it was—a deliberate effort, initially and possibly still, to take “community” out of the decisions and decision-makers. Act 35 was passed in Baton Rouge while NO communities were still scattered, traumatized, and scrambling. That’s not “feel[ing] left out.” The language is deliberately disingenuous, intentionally revisionist, and even more intentionally belittling. Like, Who are we to have the gall to think we should have a say about our schools and our kids and the near future? Parents get to have “choice” but not decide what happens to the school their children attend? Parents get to have “choice” but cross their fingers their school will be open or the same next year? We get to have “school” “choice” but any input from us is just need-a-nap crankiness?

From “Progress aside, there is still no way to guarantee that every child in the city can attend a high-quality public school” to this in 12 days.

Yeah, save the T-P.

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  1. E.J. says:

    Yeah, I feel no particular passion to save the T-P neither. Unless you mean don’t be using up all the toilet paper for no damn good reason. Now THAT I’m totally down with.

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