Another Bad Idea

Nonprofit founder will challenge incumbent in Orleans Parish School Board election,, 8/9/12.

Sarah Usdin, the founder of a nonprofit called New Schools for New Orleans, a group that has played a central role in opening and expanding charters, said Thursday that she will run this fall for a seat representing the Orleans Parish School Board’s third district, a spot held by family law attorney Brett Bonin.

Usdin, a one-time Teach for America instructor and administrator, founded New Schools for New Orleans shortly after Katrina as part of the effort to rebuild schools, and the group quickly became a seedbed for the city’s charter movement.

NSNO was started in order to push privatization on Orleans parish. It didn’t just “end up” play[ing] a central role” in the local push to privatize. NSNO is not impartial or objective. It is baldly, blatantly pro-charter and anti-public education. Many initial charter applications were largely written by NSNO, word-for-word cut-and-pasting largely-written.

Because if they’re so damn brilliant, why is it only high-poverty, majority-black and -Latino schools their ideas are good for? Good education ideas do not come in racial boxes. Children are children even if their mothers were 15 or no one in the house has ever had a job.

Usdin!? Yuck. Like we need more of what NSNO has “offered.” Prepare for a campaign full of buzz words and phrases, white lies, blatant lies, false research and cherry-picked “data.” How long will it take for Usdin et al to accuse Bonin of “not caring about black children learning” because he isn’t in lockstep with them? And how many of my fellow fool New Orleanians who have kept their fucking heads in the sand about public education since 1990 will fall for that bullshit and think voting for Usdin is the exact same thing as supporting poor black children who have been so deprived [by their parents and neighborhoods and “culture,” not by the state or taxpayers or the MFP or name-that-governor or New Orleanians themselves who’ve pretended all this time that “Those Kids” are not “My/Our Kids” and who cares if their school has asbestos and no doors on the bathroom stalls]?

Yet another chance to show how truly stupid too many folks around here are.

And stupids? Guess who’s taking you for a ride?

No, not me.

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4 Responses to Another Bad Idea

  1. Now I’ve joined the race. I dare anyone to call me a defender of the status quo or even try spouting those ridiculous little catch phrases. I’m a public school MAMA and I can see through the ” buzz words and phrases, white lies, blatant lies, false research and cherry-picked “data.”

  2. Jones says:

    “How long will it take for Usdin et al to accuse Bonin of ‘not caring about black children learning’ because he isn’t in lockstep with them?”

    The election is in just a few days, and she’s done no such thing. Any inclination to stop demonizing people who aren’t in lockstep with you? We’re all working toward the same goal. Disagreement is inevitable and necessary. Maligning the integrity of people you disagree with is counterproductive.

    • G Bitch says:

      Jones, you ignore recent history and ignore the ideological bend seen early, and still, in this “process” that was done without local consent and with little local input from real stakeholders like students, parents and teachers. Whenever an opinion not in line with the Cowen Institute, NSNO, TfA, KIPP is voiced in anything louder than a whisper or anywhere the public might see, it is at best repressed or trivialized or ignored and at worst seen as a sign of “what was wrong with the schools.” No one is innocent here. I have not just in the last two days decided to check a couple links and leave a single disparaging message—I’ve been on this “process” and its foot soidiers since day one. No one can say with any legitimacy that anything has gotten beter in this school system outside the cherry-picked populations in the “better” schools and the manipulated numbers [yeah, I know about that from inside the Cowen Institute]. You have no idea what you are talking about, and you have come to the wrong blog to express said ignorant, head-in-sand “opinion,” which, pot calling kettle black, was an attempt to shame me into silence for “not being nice.” Our community’s school system has been hijacked, filleted and handed back to us as pink slime dressed up as pate and I have 48 rights to be angry and to not take a single piece of shit from anybody.

      Clearly you have ignored the last two posts on this blog.

      Get the fuck off my blog.

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