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What is this wave of “school” “Reform” about? Is it about education? Improving teachers? Making functional, literate, thoughtful citizens? Safe, healthy buildings for our children? Are the main stakeholders parents, children, teachers? Oh, no, not at all—once again, the truth slips out like a tiny turd:

Both men [Scott Cowen and Norman Francis] steered away from any disparaging remarks about sitting board members, whose four-year terms end in December, but they made no secret of their wish to find more candidates aligned with the charter-school movement that has ballooned in New Orleans under the state’s watch.

“The undercurrent — maybe unspoken — is a slight trepidation that there won’t be enough candidates who support the reform agenda,” said Luis Miron, dean of the College of Social Sciences at Loyola University. “It’s not only the university presidents, but the business sector.”

Watch? Watch? Clever, because there’s been no “watch,” just a tsunami wave that drowns critical thinking, genuine research, and true improvement of education for students, parents, teachers, communities. Who are the stakeholders? “[U]niversity presidents” and “the business sector.” University presidents who largely eliminated education departments from NOLA and who have shown no critical thinking on the schools, just bandwagon fallacies and flat-out lies? A “business sector” that is more concerned with union-busting than literacy? Watch?!

“[U]ndercurrent—maybe unspoken”?! Really? Only because those of us on the outside are supposed to be too stupid to hear or see the obvious over the past 7 years. Have charter schools improved public education in NO? If you’re reading this blog, you’ve had some hints and can probably guess the answers.

“Visionary leaders”—here, “visionary” means “committed wholeheartedly to the deprofessionalization of teaching and privatization of public institutions.” The hero model, which asserts that it just takes one uber-dedicated, uber-energetic, uber-positive and uber-charismatic person to turn a company school school district around, is rarely successful, and even when it is, it is too dependent on a “special” individual to be sustainable or truly reform. This “Reform” is not. And these university presidents are not honest brokers or looking out for the best interest of the city’s communities and they’ve shown that over and over and over and over and………..

Me, I’m not buying that shit. I’ve been smelling the stink for years and you will not convince me that it is cream.


Vanacore, A. (2012, July 13). Orleans Parish School Board needs ‘visionary’ candidates, university leaders say. The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune/

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2 Responses to Answers Given

  1. Lee Barrios says:

    It was an amazingly “transparent” declaration wasn’t it? It seems the mantra constantly put forth by Sir White and part of the rhetoric of reform is being adopted in these BOLD statements. We can only hope the voting public is WISER and that more of the truths surrounding the ruse of reform and the real history and transformation of the New Orleans Public School System that still remains behind the curtain will be brought forth (without the mainstream media). It is telling that so many facts brought out during last year’s trial regarding the firing of thousands of teachers after Katrina were not reported. Listen to WBOK’s The New Orleans Imperative with Dr. Raynard Sanders at 10:00 on Mondays for a peak into the debacle.

    • G Bitch says:

      I think Gov. Jindal keeps overplaying his hand and that even dittos will start to balk. [I hope you couldn’t hear me laughing way over there.]

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