“Education” in NO

Michael Homan has a couple great posts about local education (also read the comments):


Three Steps Forward in Education

What upsets me most is the elitification of a basic right–only if you are among the lucky few or dedicated to extremes and ready to pull all and any possible strings will your child get an education that will serve him or her and society or the world as a whole–and I do not equate a good education with getting into Harvard. As a matter of fact, getting into Harvard isn’t what you think. The kids at LaSPS whose parents are paying to assure such a thing may be, and probably will be, terribly disappointed. As a friend said a few weeks ago, Those kids are a dime a dozen.


Yes, The Girl is still on the waiting list (though we had some encouragement—“The list isn’t very long,” Mister was told). Yes, we have no plan B.

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  1. LatinTeacher says:

    Hang in there. Help may be coming…

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