Equal Pay Day 2012

This year, it’s also Tax Day.

Did your senators and/or representative support the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009? Do they even acknowledge the wage gap? Do you live in WY where women earn 64% of what men do? Or are you lucky enough to have a federal job where the pay gap is less extreme—not absent but less extreme?

Today’s reading: the National Committee on Pay Equity’s pay equity info page. See how your state ranks [LA women earn about 67¢ to every dollar made by men and “Latinas working full time in Louisiana are paid just 60 cents [PDF] for every dollar paid to all men, which amounts to a difference of $18,330 per year. African American women fare worse, being paid just 53 cents on the dollar, or $21,536 less than all men per year of employment.”] and what that means in terms of food, rent, health insurance, and gas. Check out one of almost 2 dozen fact sheets to beef up your talking points.

Most importantly, wear red.

image by Darren Wamboldt/Bergman Group. accessed 04/17/12

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