You Know Why

John White appears poised to be named state schools superintendent this week

No surprise here. This has been wanted since 3 days after he became superintendent of RSD. [Even now, no one in public has asked, or questioned, why.] Now that the privatization forces have BESE in their front pockets, we in NO will have a completely privatized system.

Who voted for that, you might ask.

Problem is when schools like this get their charters pulled or denied. What happens is that the number of seats in city schools goes down, and charter schools are NOT obligated to take students whose schools close or implode.

And this new “systems” is better how exactly for whom?

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  1. Rosemary Lee says:

    I know this post was about the superintendent but I came across your blog by way of picture of “pain” on google. I know exactly what you’re going through. Forget the pain…that’s never going away. I, too, live with somewhere between 4 and OMG. The fatigue is annoying. Do you ever fall asleep (as in like narcolepsy) but you can’t stay asleep?

    Stop by my blog and say hello too! I love your posts!

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