Who IS Michael Haggen?

Michael Haggen is the current Deputy Superintendent: School Management in the Recovery School District. He’s head of the Office of School Management. This office manages alternative schools:

Several Schwarz staff members offered a starkly different view. Officials within and without the system became aware of problems at Schwarz at various points through the year but took little action, said William Brown, who taught physical education. Michael Haggen, the deputy superintendent who oversaw alternative education at the Recovery District, did visit Schwarz several times, Brown said. [emphasis added]

Schwarz Alternative School in New Orleans chaotic; struggled to serve system’s neediest students—6/28/09, nola.com/Times-Picayune

He was also for a time the Chief Academic Officer for the RSD in 2007:

When Recovery School District Chief Academic Officer Michael Haggen promised to end the waiting lists — and two lawsuits filed last week seek to hold him to it — he offered few reliable or desirable alternatives. As it continues the fight to open flood-ravaged campuses and hire teachers from an increasingly shallow pool, the system could be forced to use donated space or try to persuade other public schools in the city to take in more students — a plea that to date has largely fallen on deaf ears. The least desirable option, officials say, is to sacrifice educational quality by increasing class sizes. [emphasis added]

For Students on Waiting Lists Life is Put On Hold—Darran Simon and Steve Ritea, 2/4/07, Times-Picayune

The recovery district’s chief academic officer Michael Haggen, was among those who met with Cosby and other officials Tuesday. [emphasis added]

Cosby says state should step up help for New Orleans schools—1/30/07, Dallasnews.com

Haggen was also Chief Administrative Office/Local Vice President of Mosaica Education Inc. from August 2005 to October 2006. Mosaica ran Lafayette Academy until the board fired it.

Lafayette Academy of New Orleans, New Orleans

The Lafayette Academy school board said Mosaica mishandled their school from the onset of the academic year. According to an article in The New York Times on Oct. 17, 2007, the building was dirty, there were not enough school buses, and textbooks were never delivered. By the end of the year, more than half of the teachers had quit and only 36 of 98 fourth-graders passed the Louisiana state tests. After breaking a five-year contract with Mosaica after one year, the school is now closed. Connelly says these claims were false, and the lack of resources was due to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. [link added]

Of his Michigan teaching certificate

an email birdie writes:

Hm. His certificate is in social studies and math….Birdie?

At some point, Haggen was also, according to this “sample grant proposal” [?] director of Excel Academy:

4 CF High School Directors:  Vincent Nzinga (Douglass), Vanessa Eugene (Carver), Michael Haggen (Excel Academy) and Alnita Porea (Charter Science & Math):  consult on and approve CF curricula, recruit Club Mentor-Sponsors.

The same Excel Academy which is at 2239 Poydras, the same 2239 Poydras as the Office of School Management?

And what does this have to do with money in that school’s activities account that the principal could not utilize?

And then there are the blog comments here, especially:

I can’t find a resume for Ashford. Birdies?

“Frat brother” is of interest. My interns really fell down on the job this time.

Parent trainer?

The lack of credentials in some of the top staff at RSD is a common refrain-complaint-motif.

I don’t know about the family, couldn’t find, not sure how to find. The Who’s Who Among is more vanity press than prestige or accomplishment. The rest? I’d really like to know more, birdies.

And then there’s the inactive Louisiana Small Schools Alliance:

So who IS Michael Haggan?


UPDATE/ADDENDA: Lee C. Reid + Paul Pastorek

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31 Responses to Who IS Michael Haggen?

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  2. nogirl says:

    Thanks to the exposure of Gbitch, and four hot terrific bitches, punk-ass Michael Haggen has moved on to Kansas City. One down and seven more will follow.

    • G Bitch says:

      I can’t find any report in the T-P/nola.com or Google. Is there an internal document explaining his departure? I’d love to see how it is explained, if it is.

      • No fan of NOLApolitics says:

        While he has moved on lets get ready for more of the same if not worse. It is said that Judge Bell will take his place. Is he not under some type of criminal investigation? Only in NOLA does ass backwards stuff like this happen. And I did some reserach and you should contact the prinicpal/program Director of Excel from last year. Haggen screwed her over too so he could give the job to one of his friends.

        • G Bitch says:

          And I did some reserach and you should contact the prinicpal/program Director of Excel from last year. Haggen screwed her over too so he could give the job to one of his friends.

          Research? Ooh, you got my attention. You can email me some details, y’know. Look on the About G Bitch page…….

  3. nogirl says:

    There is no report. He is/was not that important for local media to cover. It is internal. He “immediately” resigned at the request of … The story/lie that he announced at his office meeting is- he is going to Kansas City to work with Dr. Kelvin Adams as a reading specialist although he is not a certified teacher. Last date …[edited by blog owner] Haggen reigned was Friday, but on paper, it will be tomorrow. GB need to follow-up story about the woes and horrors of OSM and of his new position.

  4. Mister says:

    But Kelvin Adams is the new superintendent of St. Louis schools–a good 240 miles or so from Kansas City, MO …

  5. Mister says:

    Oh, and I see a report out of St. Louis says that Adams has “an unblemished record”:

    “We can document Dr. Adams’ hands-on role in improving student achievement, as well as his commitment to students,” said Rick Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of the SAB. “He has an unblemished record, works hard, and is well respected for his work in New Orleans.”



  6. G Bitch says:

    Was Haggen lying? Or did the information get distorted? Or is it a smoke screen? Maybe he hoped to get that job? And nothing in his record that I’ve seen qualifies him as a reading specialist. On top of that, a reading specialist would be working with students, not under a superintendent directly……..

    Who requested his resignation? And why exactly? I know it wasn’t my blog.

    And Kelvin Adams? Here’s what the St. Louis Public Schools site says about his experience:

    From 2006-2007, Dr. Adams was the Executive Director of Human Resources for St. Louis Public Schools. Prior to that he served as the Associate Dean/Interim Dean and Charter School Liaison for the College of Education for Southern University of New Orleans (2005-2006); Principal of the Marion Abramson Senior High in the New Orleans Public Schools (2003-2005); Executive Director of Middle Schools/Area Superintendent of New Orleans Public Schools (2000-2003); and Principal of the Fannie C. Williams Middle School in New Orleans (1993-2000).

    Dr. Adams received a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership in Administration from the University of New Orleans in 2005. He earned a M.A. in Elementary Education from Xavier University in 1991 and a B.A. in Elementary Education and Special Education from Northeast Louisiana University in 1978.

    The 2005-2006 school year was the Katrina year. I can’t remember how operational SUNO was at the time. [Y’all? Give a Bitch some help here.] And they had a Charter School Liaison? And three short years after his PhD, he’s a superintendent. I can see why some worried that he didn’t have the right or enough experience to be superintendent of a large urban school system. But I digress……

    • Sims says:

      [edited by blog owner]Michael Haggen was terminated from the Retarded School District. …[edited by blog owner]He should have been gone the day he started working in New Orleans. He is a famous liar !!!! He pretends to be the sister of all people in high positions. He did nothing for the alternative schools in New Orleans. His puppies should flee with him ! …[edited by blog owner]Haggen attempted to place his good friend, Judge David Bell in his position. Paul Vallas has decide to leave the position vacant. Paul Vallas has decided to have 1 alternative school at Booker T. Washington. The principal is Mrs. Rosemary Martin and the assistant principal is Mr. Sean Goodwin. Again, Mrs. Katrina Horton is out of luck again. Maybe…Haggen will find a position for her in St. Louis. The Office of School Management was the joke of the Retarded School District.

      • G Bitch says:

        I have to object to the “Miss” insult; it sounds far too personal and homophobic for my taste/use. The rest is fine.

  7. G Bitch says:

    From an email birdie: Haggen will work under Adams in St. Louis. The destination was wrongly attributed. [I’ll be watching to see reports or staff lists mentioning him and his new position. Readers, if you’re out there, let me know, ‘kay?] Also, Haggen’s resignation was requested by Vallas, possibly directed by Pastorek.

    Another possible reason for his firing/resignation-by-demand is his lack of qualifications touched on above but look at what else came to my inbox:

    As deputy superintendent Mr. Haggen was “supervising” principals and other people with master’s and doctorate degrees. Check out LA Educational Statues, Bulletin 741 under certification and supervision. Most principals, with the exception of New Schools, New Leaders are required to have at least 5 years of teaching experience and a Level A or 3 certificate. Mr. Haggen’s Level C or 1 certificate expired on 6/30/2009.

    Next review the complaints (some filed through NOPD) and investigations (central office) of parents about OSM, and everyone is talking about the recent legal matters.

    The Office of School Management handled Schwarz Alternative School and some parents have complained about Schwarz and Mr. Haggen specifically. If you Google search Haggen, you will find a document [only one] outlining a parent’s complaint about his role, or non-role, in her child’s education. I believe it was a student at Schwarz.

    Mr. Haggen is not the only under-qualified or barely-qualified member of the RSD administration. After 5 years, now The Pauls want to clean house? Honestly, there are plenty of local qualified, over-qualified, under-qualified and barely-qualified folks. And as locals I’m sure they’d be paid less than the people brought in by The Pauls.

    • Valencia says:

      Mr. Michael Haggen should have been gone years ago. He is very jealous of people with advanced degrees. His mission is to divide the staff. He protects the people who cooks and buys for him. He is known to take students to restaurants and parks out of town. Haggen only flocked here because of his $ 140.000 salary. He managed a department of prinicipals without a teacher certification nor a degree/certification administration. He attempted to run good people away. Well, Haggen make a mess out of St. Louis. Good-bye, we don’t need you here.

      • Sandra says:

        OMG ! Haggen is finally leaving the RSD. Wow, who did you fool this time ? Please take your people with you: (Johnson, Rey, Trask, Porter, Smith, Cravens, Moore, Goodwin, Martin, Horton and your father) What are you going to do without them ?

    • Lisa Lowing says:

      I met Mr. Haggen while working at the RSD. He should leave New Orleans. The community does not trust him at all. He attempted to terminate me after he was my hearing officer. I hired an attorney and he backed down. The next time I saw him he attempted to kiss me. This man is confused and jealous.

  8. Keith says:

    Who will replace Mr. Michael Haggen ? Maybe we can get someone who is qualified to replace him.

    • Candi says:

      I heard that BTW will be the only school open for alternative schools. What are they going to do with the students from Schwarz, Hope and Excel ? This is a mess……

      • No fan of NOLApolitics says:

        Candi~ I don’t think there is much weight in that rumor. While “we” know that in actuallity BTW is an alternative school for over age children. By law they have not been expelled so they cannot mingle wiith the kids that are expelled, such as the students at Schwarz or Hope.

        While I agree that Haggen was the devil himself I dont agree that his entire staff was unfit. Especially Trask, Johnson and Craven. I worked with many of them and know for a facttaht any of them did NOT agree with the things that Haggen did.

        As for Ms. Hourton while I truly believe she cares about her students she was never fit to be a principal! On any given day you will find her out shopping instead in her building. The funny thing is that the same people( Camelot) that RSD blamed last year for their mess are the some of the samae ones holding it down over there! Specifcially Bryant and Tillman.

        When the public decides that it wants to know the real truth about last year and what transpired all they have to do is ask and do soem reasearch. Hell Sarah Carr’s article was filled with so much lies and bullshit! Even the PBS special they did was a sham. The fact is nothign that was done this year at schwarz was new. The staff attemted to do alot of the same things but Haggen shut them down.

        For now let’s all rejoice in the fact that

        Ding Dong the witch is gone! I can honestly say that ” God does answer knee mail! (prayers)

        • No fan of NOLApolitics says:

          Sorry for all the typo’s they are making these keyboards smaller and smaller.

          @ Keith~ Word is they would like to put His good buddy Judge Bell in that position However if the parents of RSD allow this to happen and they don’t raise hell then all I can say is that they deserve whatever bullshit comes to them. It’s time these parenst stop playing the damn victim role and stand up for their damn kids. Obviously no one in the role appointed to give a shit does! But hey then again this is the same city that keeps on putting the most corrupt ass people in a position of power!

          • G Bitch says:

            Most people have no idea what’s going on with the schools and parents, at their best, are busy being parents. I do not subscribe to the idea that the parents of RSD students are the ones to change the system. [There’s a lot of parent-bashing and -blaming in this town, much of it excessive, unwarranted, shameful.] They didn’t create the system, they have no real voice in the system and are therefore unable to change anything even if they want. The corruption, incompetence, lack of qualifications, lies, etc. all need to be exposed by those who know. Do you really think parents know what’s happening in the RSD’s offices? If you are a parent who just about got your GED, what does certification mean to you? And can you understand the LDE’s website? I can’t and I have a master’s degree. People like y’all who know need to talk and expose wrongdoing. That’s the only way it’ll happen.

            And—you can do all the research you want online and find nothing about this mess. Where else to look? The newspaper? Sarah Carr? Tell me where else to look. I want FACTS, HARD evidence to shame and chase people out, not office politics or invective. I want the bad people gone and our schools returned to us.

  9. nogirl says:

    I am in agreement with some of the recent comments, but definitely do not agree with the comment that Johnson did not agree with things Haggen did.

    Haggen deceived many people, and people will soon learn their fate due to his deception. Yes, some people listed should not be target. James Moore, Larnett Smith, Bridgette Rey, and Bessie Porter for example were reliable and respectable employees of Mr. Haggen – that’s all. ‘The only other person viewers should target is …[edited by blog owner] Sandra Johnson. She, alone under the demise of Haggen has “screwed” figuratively and literally too many people, pre and post the hurricane. …[edited by blog owner]

    As GB has recommended, it’s time for us to produce the evidence. Many of you know what I am talking about! At the gathering Saturday, bring your documents for us to complle and to present.

  10. BYEHAGGEN10 says:

    The Office of School Management under the leadership of Michael Haggen was a joke. If you did not cater to this man; he attempted to make your career a living hell. He terminated many good people during his tenure. He also promoted the wrong people. Ms. Sandra Johnson is the director of all alternative schools. She lacks the credentials to supervise a teacher. He created multiple positions to retain his people. Students were placed on the steaming roof at BTW as a form of a punishment. At Schwarz, students have taken control of the school. Teachers have walked away from the school because of the lack of leadership and support from Ms. Horton. Yes, this lady is nice, but does not have a clue about leading a school. If you are a strong individual, you are a threat to Mr. Haggen. He smiles in your face and stabs you in your back. Mrs. Moore thought Mr. Haggen was a brother until he had her terminated. Ms. Smith thought he was her son until he had her terminated. These are just 2 of many individuals that Haggen had terminated. He attempts to get weak minded people on his team. Therfore, he can get them to do some of his dirty work. I encourage all concerned citizens to be at the function on Saturday. We must take our schools back and get our qualified people back into positions. We are sick and tired of idiots coming to our city for money. Again, this is our students, our schools and our city. Please contact Mr. Jerome Smith at the Treme Center for more information about the function on Saturday.

  11. Toya says:

    I feel that all alternative schools should close. My neighbor attended Schwarz and it was a joke. She had numerous fights at the school. She was also denied the opportunity to leave and return back to Walker for the next school year. Her mother has decided to relocate back to the Houston area. I work for a school and when students were referred to the hearing office, they were kicked back to us. I attempted to speak with Mr. Haggen of her behalf and he was very rude to me. What a mess !!!

  12. MrMister says:

    Is it anyway that we can request credentials on ALL administrators for the RSD ? It just seems as though folks are placed in positions because they know someone. According to the State Department of Education, folks must have the proper certification. How can some folks get away with not having the proper certifications ? I looked up Michael Haggen and nothing is coming up for him. We have people from this city with proper certifications to do the job. Haggen, take Vallas with you. Bye.

  13. Anotherbitch says:

    Haggen working with Dr. Adams. What a joke ? …[edited by blog owner]

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  15. Anotherbitchbitchbitch says:

    Haggen leaves a mess of his department. His staff is left wondering when they are going to receive their pink slip. He left the alternative schools in deplorable conditions. He lied to many staff members stating to them that the all schools were going to reopen the following year. I wonder why he is leaving in a rush !! Well, bless you St. Louis ! …[edited by blog owner]

  16. G Bitch says:

    I removed Mz. Chocolate’s bitter comment and ForWhatIsRight’s slap at Mz. C. and you will see ellipses in some comments where I have removed language that is solely there to be hateful, spite-filled, etc.—I do not need more invective, y’all. I totally understand the bitterness left in Mr. Haggen’s wake, and elsewhere, but my blog is not the place to air it just for airing’s sake. Please.

  17. No fan of NOLApolitics says:

    So RSD and the Board of the International High School is now trying to bring back Anthony Amato who has been fired from every job that he has held to run the International High School after they fired and replace the prinicpal Sara Leikin and all her staff without informing the parents. They are trying to hold a secret meeting tonight without the parents knowing about it! WTF? Seriously when will someone take action?

    • G Bitch says:

      WTF? Seriously when will someone take action?

      What about you, No fan? You seem to know quite a bit, far more than I do, and if your information is good, why put it here in a blog comment? Call Sarah Carr. Call/email The Lens. Folks seem to be under the false, delusional impression that this blog is a public forum that can effect change. No. Only YOU can do that. What do you think I can honestly do with half-information and no support or evidence? And are you concerned about the International HS or the possibility of Anthony Amato returning? And why is that a problem? What’s with the anti-Amato shit when The Pauls are still in high gear and there are actual scandals all over the schools systems that no one will expose? Paper trails, interviews, affidavits, emails, secretly-taped conversations—that is what will expose the half-assed-ness of the “reforms” shoved at NOLA’s children and parents. This kind of unsubstantiated and vengeful stuff…I can’t use it, I can’t deal with it, I’m sick of it taking up space on my blog. Really.

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