Times-Pic Metro section page 1—“Cowen report endorses school reforms” [he online version tries to make it look less like an arranged marriage: Tulane University report praises. prods New Orleans educators]

As if the Cowen Institute has or will do anything but approve of the reforms imposed on Orleans parish.

And what they mean by “educators” isn’t necessarily teachers, who are mostly cogs in this reform machine.

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3 Responses to Duh

  1. liprap says:

    Yep, that “as if” is a given when it comes to this study or any study undertaken by the Cowen Institute.

  2. G Bitch says:

    Yet the majority of folks who see the news articles or even look at the report will not know that. Worse, they might not see the Cowen Institute’s inherent, organic bias as worthy of note. Sad.

    And what about Building a Better Teacher?

    Lemov himself pushed for data-driven programs that would diagnose individual students’ strengths and weaknesses. But as he went from school to school that winter, he was getting the sinking feeling that there was something deeper he wasn’t reaching. … But he realized that he had no clue how to advise schools about their main event: how to teach.

    Can’t build a better teacher if you think teachers are interchangeable cogs that work best when they are programmed and silent.

  3. liprap says:

    The current “at-will” system of teacher employment (i.e., no unionized teachers) also gives the schools license to work teachers to exhaustion, then throw them away. They’ll never get to the intangibles of what makes a good teacher if the turnovers are so high.

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