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It Was Kind of Like Teaching

Thanks, Ali Arnold, Trisha, the students and faculty who came and sorry there was no time for questions. No one had read the Stanley Fish post I based all this on but, just like in the classroom, I forged ahead … Continue reading

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Toxic Asset

Toxic asset is a popular term for certain financial assets whose value has fallen significantly and for which there is no longer a functioning market, so that such assets cannot be sold at a price satisfactory to the holder. The … Continue reading

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G Bitch at UNO, Wednesday

I’m one of the “gurus.” Odd word choice but what else can you do when you can’t put “bitch” on a flyer and paste it all over a college campus. The focus is this Opinionater post by Stanley Fish.

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Why I Sometimes Admire Anonymous

Anonymous Exposes Bullies Who Encouraged Teen Girl to Commit Suicide., 11/15/12.

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The New Voter ID Rule

Vote. Please. League of Women Voters League of Women Voters: New Orleans

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New What for New Who?: Some More

Document 6: A roundup of some of NSNO’s highest-paid “independent contractors for professional services.” One question—I thought NSNO offered professional services for charter schools and their boards? And looking at the mission statement again, I’m not sure what funds where went to “[a]ttracting and preparing talent … Continue reading

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