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Bit(ch) 8: “presumed”

There’s a lot of institutionalized racism, even among the liberal crowd of tenured radicals. In fact, one of my friends, a law professor put it best: “It’s the liberal who can often have the least self-consciousness about the pain they … Continue reading

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hctiB G: Dear University Student

1. Do not give me Katrina-sized attitude because you do not want to take an English class. I did not make the core curriculum. If I had, you’d not only take more English courses but all freshpersons would start in … Continue reading

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Back When We Were Rich

from Wikipedia: The overall median 9 month salary for all professors was $73,000, placing a slight majority of professors among the top 15% of earners at age 25 or older. [7: US Census Bureau, 2006] Yet, their salaries remain considerably … Continue reading

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“there are no spooks behind the door!”

Growing increasingly frustrated, he leaned forward in his chair, looked me straight in the eye, and, with his ordinarily pale face turning red, he yelled, “You must trust us more if you want to succeed here; there are no spooks behind the … Continue reading

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WHO is teaching middle school and high school students that “high school” is ONE word? I thought it was just some of the un- and underprepared students I had but I was wrong. Whoever you all are, and you know … Continue reading

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Toxic Asset

Toxic asset is a popular term for certain financial assets whose value has fallen significantly and for which there is no longer a functioning market, so that such assets cannot be sold at a price satisfactory to the holder. The … Continue reading

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“…our best students!”

In every high school I’ve been in this semester, charter or not, the phrase “our best students!” has been used, with enthusiasm and a smile. One student’s name brings smiles to teachers, staff, assistant principal, everyone. This student is being … Continue reading

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“Failed Academic”?

Someone used that phrase a couple days ago to refer to some faculty at a high school. Just for your information, I did not fail; I did bail. I am a bailed academic. Like this:Like Loading…

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A Quote, a Taste of Grading Papers in 2009

Item #1: Clarence Thomas sentence: “”I think the confirmation process is both unnecessary, it’s uninformed with respect to what the court actually does and it’s very dangerous.” Yeah, both of those three things suck. Item #2: at bark, bugs, leaves … Continue reading

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For to Learnin’ Mo’ Betta

Not having taught high school ever, it mystified me how my college students could have so little knowledge of grammar, sentence formation, etc. but no more–grammar, mechanics, etc. are not on the LEAP test so grammar is barely taught if … Continue reading

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