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A mad black woman in New Orleans.

“afraid of being full”

HT: Everyday Feminism. In 2014, I lost 30+ pounds. Not in any of the right ways. But who gives a shit as long as you are not-fat. “Resource”! National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2015

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#OpKKK Press Release, 11-1-2015


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Dr. Janet Travell, JFK and 1950s Pain Management

Dr. Travell’s treatment was a comprehensive approach that included analgesics, physical measures, hormone replacement, and attempts to slow down his autoimmune disease (Table 4). Medical records kept by Dr. Travell over the course of her 8-year treatment reveal that JFK … Continue reading

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Day 2460: “But What Do You DO?”

At the gym I go to, the time of day I go, I am 15-20 years older than the instructors and 10-20-30 years younger than the [mostly] women in class. And most of them don’t use a cane/walking stick like … Continue reading

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30 Things You May Not Know About My Invisible Illness

1. The illness I live with is: ankylosing spondylitis [see posts here, here, and here], fibromyalgia [about me, in general].† 2. I was diagnosed with it in the year: FM: 2009. AS: 2014.‡ 3. But I had symptoms since: AS: probably … Continue reading

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Invisible Illness Awareness Week 2015

Yeah, it’s illness you can’t see. I’ve got one. Well, a few. There are L.O.T.S. A sparse sampling: allergies and food intolerances anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, OSFED (Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder) and other eating disorders rheumatoid arthritis/inflammatory arthritis … Continue reading

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Bit(ch) 23: SMWH

Louisiana: Women Don’t Need Planned Parenthood. They Have Dentists. Mother Jones, 9/10/15. The task seems straightforward: Make a list of health care providers that would fill the void if Louisiana succeeded in defunding Planned Parenthood. But the state, which is … Continue reading

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The “Katrina” stories, books, articles, started in July. I’ve ignored most. One, many aren’t about “Katrina” or about the flooding or what survival here was or still is like or has been like. These “stories” are about using NOLA, a … Continue reading

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Please Forward Book Launch TONIGHT

Yeah, I’ll be there. I’ll even read something.   Press Street HQ | 3718 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 409.550.4882 TUESDAY August 18 @ 7:00 PM CDT

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“Crime By The Numbers”

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